Window Decorating Ideas: Bring Beautiful Window Treatments into your Home

Concerned about the prevalence of the window treatment and its effects have reached a fever pitch nowadays, each of us may wonder: “Shouldn’t we do some window dressing or not?”, isn’t it? And the answer to this question is definitely YES.

When it comes to designing a room, window treatments may be an afterthought for some homeowners, but they shouldn’t be because window decorating has the ability to transform your space into a better one.  As a result, the style you decorate your windows is vital. Depending on your space and the quantity of natural light you receive, window coverings can be useful, solely aesthetic, or mixed.

Like a stand-out painting, window dressing ideas can add character and verve to an interior’s concept and make you feel like you are living in your own little oasis.

Therefore, these are the reasons why you should look for the best remodeling companies to assist you in upgrading your house and experiencing the latest trends.

We’ve reviewed and explored the greatest window treatment ideas to give you further information in this detailed article. Don’t skip this article if you want to remodel your ideal home. Guys, keep reading, and you will find out your best companion!

I. Window treatments ideas

Choose floor to ceiling curtains

Choose floor to ceiling curtains

Opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains to make your room feel taller while maintaining a simple, clean, and aesthetic vibe.

By utilizing the whole height of the space with your floor to ceiling curtains, you instantly make the room feel larger, decreasing where you fit your curtains.

Use this technique to make a narrow pair of doors appear broader or a small window appear larger. Choose a pole that is wider than the window to allow the curtains to be stacked back on each side, providing the illusion of more height by allowing the majority of the window frame to be visible. Fixing the pole slightly higher than the frame will also make the windows appear taller.

Consider floor length curtains for your window treatment ideas

Consider floor length curtains

In a living room or bedroom, floor length curtains add warmth and texture. If the room contains bold statement furniture, you should use a soft, textured fabric or multi-toned curtains to bring depth to the space.

Floor length is a conventional curtain style that reaches all the way to the floor. They can either contact the floor or be suspended an inch or half-inch above it. These drapes have the distinct advantage of making the ceilings appear higher.

Short curtains

Short curtains

For a striking impression, hang your bathroom curtains in the middle of the window. This ensures privacy while still keeping things stylishly intriguing.

Draw attention to a lightweight fabric

Draw attention to a lightweight fabric

This option will not only provide privacy while letting natural light in but will also dry faster if they do get wet.

Attach the pallet boards to curtain rings through a drilled hole to slide the slats closed at night and open during the day. Small curtain rings will allow us to gather the curtains more tightly and let in more light in if you do not have any tie-backs.

Bay window

Bay window

Bay windows are made of three separate windows that form one unit.  Some homeowners opt for this option as this unusual arrangement offers uniqueness and elegance to any home.

Bay windows let in more natural light since they combine three windows into one. In addition to giving extra room and dimension to your home, more windows imply better outdoor views in multiple directions, giving you a more expansive, stunning picture of your surroundings. Such a fantastic option for dressing windows!

A double pole should be hung

A double pole should be hung

You may hang both a sheer and a curtain around the bay window while drawing them separately thanks to the clever double pole design. Normally, brackets prevent curtain rings from being pulled all the way around a bay, but this design employs passing rings, which allow the curtains to be dragged all the way around.

A standard heading tape left ungathered on both curtains creates a pleasant, informal effect. Keep the sheers at the window sill level for a tidy finish, and go for floor-length curtains in a bay to make a genuine statement.

For window decorating ideas, getting creative with Roman blinds

Roman blinds

We normally recommend window blinds as a simple alternative to curtains, with Roman blinds being the best option.

It is not necessary to put Roman blinds exactly on top of the window. They can be installed somewhat higher and subsequently lowered to hide any blank wall above the window, making the elevation appear taller and allowing the window treatment to blend in with the rest of the space.

Blackout curtain

Blackout curtain

Blackout curtains are a popular solution for window dressing ideas for bedrooms because they are lined and prevent excess light from entering the room and upset your sleep. Blackout lining roller blinds are also a good choice for bedroom windows.

Blackout curtains have become popular for bedroom curtains since they are lined and decrease the likelihood of light entering your home and disrupting your sleep. Similar roller blinds with blackout linings can be used for windows as well.

Find an attractive roof window solution

Find an attractive roof window solution

Skylight windows are a terrific method to get more light into a rooftop room. On the other hand, window coverings are necessary for a good night’s sleep and to keep roof regions cool.

These blackout roof blinds, which are available in a range of materials and frame colors, attach tightly to the window and provide darkness at all times of the day and night.

Pay attention to wall color when picking window treatments

Pay attention

The blinds and walls should be at least one shade lighter or darker than each other, and they should also have a similar tone to ensure that everything blends properly. Cool window treatments, for example, are best suited for a cool-toned space, and the same is true for warm tones.

Choose a warm shade for a cool room

Choose a warm shade

Pelmets, also known as cornice boards, are boxes that cover the tops of curtains and are frequently used in traditional interiors. Pelmets are made of foam or plywood, which is used to construct a structure that can be painted to match the walls or covered with textiles to match the curtains that hang beneath.

Although they are primarily decorative, they are also designed to retain and give additional insulation around your windows, which is why they work so well in older buildings like this Kensington townhouse.

For bright spaces, use solar shades

use solar shades

It’s wonderful to have a light bedroom where you spend so much of your day. Unless the furniture has faded, solar shades, as opposed to blackout blinds, which allow light in, maybe a good option. Solar shades are now available in a variety of appealing designs, making them an excellent investment for bigger spaces. Electricity savings and keeping furniture out of the sun are two significant benefits.

Stained glass windows

Stained glass windows

They instantly brighten any room and spread beautiful light patterns across it, making it feel even more appealing. Their attention to detail will enhance your interior design. Also, It’s a stylish way to add privacy to your home.

Work with the dimensions of the space you have

Work with the dimensions of the space you have

Curtains between floors are operated to ensure there is no gap. It provides a room with a look while maintaining a simple and plain aesthetic. To accommodate a curtain pole, we like to adjust our eyelets. It’s simple and quick, and it’ll help you achieve a unique and individualized look. There were days when the curtains stayed up longer, making the room feel cluttered and squeezed by the windows. Use contrasting curtains and wall colors to create a coherent look.

To make a statement, layer with a valance

To make a statement

In a period building we can recreate window dressings like they are now. It blends in with the rest of the decor and frames the lovely window seat area well – the ideal choice for country curtain ideas.

Hanging art

Hanging art

Many people purchase artwork simply to cover their empty walls with something attractive. Actually, the beauty and quality of the house and its owners are expressed through wall art.

Surprisingly, having some good and valuable wall art transforms boredom into a better standard of living. It is not sufficient to just paint your walls. Only a few carefully chosen wall art decorations can do the honor.

The most challenging element of the process is selecting and matching wall art decorations to your walls and other furniture. The use of wall art decorations helps to achieve a balanced mix of elegance and simplicity.

 Hanging Herb Garden

Hanging Herb Garden

Make an indoor garden with a plain kitchen window blind that also acts as a gorgeous but useful window treatment. Gardening increases hand-eye coordination, motor abilities, and self-esteem and is calming.

Shutters provide privacy, shade, and color

Shutters provide privacy, shade, and color

Shutters aren’t just for the inside anymore; they’re also making their way outside to provide shade on a south-facing porch or privacy on an overlooking porch. They’re a great way to bring your indoor space outside while also providing a vibrant backdrop. A pale green, of course, is ideal for connecting that transitional zone to the outside vegetation.

California shutters

Plantation/California Shutters are solid wood window coverings that are sometimes installed with louvers. This is a perfect solution for tackling dust in regions with strong winds, from desert conditions to beachfront residences.

Install a Venetian blind to balance light and privacy

Install a Venetian blind behind the pelmet for extra privacy and to exclude light from entering the room when needed. Venetian blinds allow you to control light levels while keeping privacy – this makes them ideal for bathrooms. Plus, they can be water-resistant and wipe-clean depending on the material, which is vital in wet places.

To create a focal point, frame a window

To create a focal point

A ‘lambrequin’ is a historic design approach that creates a dramatic edge to a window treatment, and it’s a fantastic way to spice up a window with a blind to make it nearly architectural in appearance.

Faux stained glass

Faux stained glass

When used for windows, stained glass adds a rich tint to any area and filters light attractively and distinctively. Glass strips, glue, and paints are all available at your local craft store.

Tablecloth Linens

Tablecloth Linens

Window treatments can be made from a variety of fabrics and linen for tables and chairs by a creative homeowner. Debbie used curtain clips to hold lovely cloth napkins together. As a consequence, a simple but appealing alternative to traditional valance is created.

Wood vertical blinds

Wood vertical blinds

When restored, an old heat-treated pallet could be beneficial for indoor usage. Using a drill hole, insert pallets into draper rings.

Act Natural

Act Natural

Another method to combine floor-length curtains and stylish shades is to match the materials with a unifying neutral tone to create a unified backdrop for your furnishings. Make sure you order shades from outside and not inside your house.

II. What are the most popular window treatments now?

most popular window treatments now

Our picks for the best window treatments for 2022 range from decorative Roman and roller blinds that add layering and comfort to more pared-back blinds that provide solar shading.

For curtains, luxurious layered looks are popular among interior designers; shutters are perennially popular and are even making their way onto porches.

Venetian blinds provide streamlined, smart looks in terms of rental properties – but on a more affordable budget.

III. How Do You Keep Your Window Treatments Clean?

Curtains and drapes

A machine can easily wash drapes and curtains made of cotton, linen, and polyester. Minimize throwing linens or fragile materials in the dryer to avoid shrinking. Dry cleaning is recommended for silk or wool drapes.


For a deeper clean, remove the vinyl blinds from the window and wash them with a mixture of mild soap and water (no bleach or harsh chemicals). Avoid getting your wood blinds wet since they can warp and fade.


Fabric colors should be dusted and vacuumed on a regular basis, and stains should be treated with gentle blotting. Unless the fabric is machine washable, avoid using excessive amounts of water. Little animals abound in the honeycomb layers of cellular shades; blow them out using compressed air or a hairdryer (on the lowest setting with cool air).

IV. Selecting a Professional Remodeling Company

Remodeling is a great way to increase the value of your home and make you feel relaxed. If you are struggling to come up with some window treatment ideas by yourself, you can search for some relatedRemodeling companies or the constructor to address your problem.

Depending on your space, the quantity of natural light you receive, and your hobbies, window coverings can be functional, purely decorative, or strike a balance between the two. The ideas ahead are guaranteed to inspire a better view at home, whether it’s with full and flowing drapes, futuristic coverings, classic curtains, Roman shades, or relaxing shutters.


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