Textured tiles: Create a Modern Look for your Home

You want to live in modern beauty. You want to improve your home’s appearance with some professional decorations without remodeling the whole house. Textured tiles will deliver a stunning renovation due to their divine designs and elegant materials. It would not only assist you in remodeling the house based on your unique lifestyle but it would also bring the ultimate experience in your own living space. That is the reason why you should consider add textured tile to make your life much more modern and perfect.

I. What does textured tile mean?

Any tile surface that isn’t fully smooth and polished is referred to as textured tile. The fact is that they are not smooth or flat to the touch. Its surface has tactile and three-dimensional properties that bring intrigue and dimension to your house. The forms and patterns found in textured tile can assist create a sense of movement when applied to the walls of your home.

II. What kind of tile is textured?

Hardwood flooring can be replaced with wood-look porcelain and ceramic tile, which are both durable and low-maintenance. The surface of wood-look tile texture is designed to look and feel like real wood grain, giving it a rustic and appealing appearance.

III. Why should we choose Tile?

Beautiful design

When it comes to interior design, textured tile is not only the magical component that makes any home décor shine, but it is also timeless beauty to enhance our sensory experiences, leading a unique lifestyle in your own home.


When the tile is exposed to fire, it will not burn, melt, or emit hazardous fumes. Ceramic tile, for example, is manufactured of clay, which is then shaped into a regular shape, coated for strength, and baked to solidify. Because of its great heat resistance, it is one of the most popular tiles for fireplaces and radiant heat systems.

Waterproof and Slip-resistant

Spills and puddles are no match for porcelain tile; the liquid will not penetrate your floors, even if they sit for a long period. A tile rate of 0.42 DCOF or higher will keep your feet firmly planted on the floor while it’s wet.

Master in against climate

Cold-resistant tile won’t freeze, fade or break which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor vertical furniture.

Easy to clean and maintain

Tile is low maintenance and easy to clean with no limits, and it will not be harmed by cleaning services such as broom, vacuum, and a wet mop.

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IV. Create your look with the best Textured tile

When creating a new space, renovating a current one, or even installing an item of new furniture, tile textures are sometimes forgotten, yet they are just as significant as color, shape, and pattern. The texture you chose might have a useful purpose for your installation.

If you are a newbie who wants to enter the world of tiles installation, you must be overwhelmed with numerous types. You may have heard the most common ones such as natural stone, wall tiles, subway tile, porcelain tile, and so on. In fact, they’re all beautiful and unique, though, and knowing the key differences might help you choose the right one for your area.

If you don’t have any clue and just find someone to help, it’s our pleasure to give you comprehend different finishes and make your tiling selections a little bit quicker and easier.

Natural Stone Tile

Tile made of natural stone If you want unique designs with no two pieces being the same, natural stone tile is the way to go! Natural stone tile is available in a range of types, including marble, travertine, onyx, sandstone, and limestone. And of course, they can create your space much more appealing.

If you consider yourself a minimalist, you can’t go wrong with natural stone tiles because of their inherent variety of texture and color to any space. The beauty of natural stone tiles will attract your eyeballs at first sight.

Natural stone tile, cut into consistent shapes, offers classic good looks to any decor. Popular selections include slate, granite, quartzite, travertine, sandstone, and marble. If you do not know, marble tiles are perfect for creating a timeless effect that makes your living place stunning.

Normally, natural stone tiles are the modern option for any room in your house, ranging from the bathroom floor, kitchen floor, bedroom floor, dining room floor, living floor to fireplace. Really come in handy, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, these tiles are heavier and require more manpower during installation, the task will cost more than ceramic or porcelain options.

Ceramic Tile and Glazed Porcelain Tile

Ceramic tile is porous and softer than glazed porcelain because it is fired at lower temperatures. This makes ceramic tile easy to cut during installation and for homeowners who want to do their own tile installation.

Glazed porcelain tile is manufactured with finer-grained clay and is baked for a long period of time at high temperatures, thereby, making it become a water-resistant, non-porous tile that’s ideal for outdoor space, kitchens floors, and baths floors, and high-traffic areas of your home. Simply because porcelain tile is extremely tough to cut and install, it is best left to the professionals.

Each piece of tile is created to look like a real piece of stone, with color veins and varied natural shades running through it. The muted neutral stone has a natural feel and can easily mimic textured wall panels.

Wood-look Porcelain

Although no one can deny the rich appearance of wood-look porcelain and the perfect texture and character it can offer to a space, there are some situations in which it is impossible to use wood. Wood-look Porcelain is beautifully textured that suited for high-traffic areas such as kitchen and leisure rooms, as well as damp spaces such as bathrooms. This type of porcelain may be avoided by homeowners who don’t want to worry about the maintenance of the textured wall and floor.

Wood is beautiful on an outdoor deck, but it requires staining and sealing on a regular basis due to exposure to the elements.

To create your own appearance, combine one of our wood-like porcelain tiles with another type. This style of porcelain may assist you in visualizing how each tile might brighten your room.

Subway Tile

One of the most versatile design solutions is Subway tile. Textured Subway Tile is not only classic, iconic, and beautiful but it’s also contemporary. To add interest to your bathroom space, they come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials, as well as a basic white, to let other design elements shine. With different grout colors, you may completely transform the aesthetic of your subway tile. Subway tile isn’t going out of style anytime soon, no matter which option you choose.

Subway tile is designed to seem like hand-formed stone and is available in a variety of soft color tones and larger sizes. Covering a complete wall or many walls with this textured material adds dimension to the room and makes it appear more like an art installation than a regular wall.

Subway tile comes in a variety of colors and materials, including porcelain, natural stone, glass, and ceramic. Textured Subway tile is a great backsplash tile that’s easy to maintain and offers a modern, clean aesthetic.

Wall Tile

The beautiful wall tile will definitely appeal to you somehow because its matte surface also gives the tile more personality and shine. These wall tiles are commonly used as bathroom tiles, but they can also be used on floors. Create textured wall panels around a fireplace, behind a bed, or on a wide, blank wall that you wish to stay updated. You can opt for more color in your kitchen space with our large selection of wall tile finishes.

Wall tile have a reputation for their modern and mesmerizing design, simplicity and convenience to clean. Millions of people give wall tile a thumbs up and I guess you would do too.

You’re likely to discover something to match your style, whether it’s kitchen wall tile, a specific color wall tile, little decorative tile, or specific tile size. Please contact Remodeling Pros NW for further information about wall tile.

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Floor Tiles

Floor tiles, especially bright white tiles are a timeless design trend. You can use them to give a burst of design to your area while also making it feel larger and airier.

V. How to clean and maintain your textured tile

Use baking soda & vinegar to deep-clean dirty tile

Step 1: Vacuum or sweep

Dust and debris can be swept or vacuumed from the floor. Sweep the floor with a soft bristle brush in two directions. To ensure complete cleaning, follow the course of the tiles first, then sweep diagonally. You’ll need to apply a removal product if you’ve previously applied tile sealant or polish to unclean tiles before the deep cleaning.

Step 2: Make a paste with baking soda

Pour a box of baking soda into a mixing dish, then add just enough water to make a loose paste.

Step 3: Add the baking soda and scrub it in

Scrub the paste into the tile with a handheld scrub brush with reasonably soft bristles, concentrating on any apparent stains.

Step 4: Make a vinegar solution

Mix a 50-50 solution of distilled vinegar and water in a spray bottle while the baking soda mixture is working. It should be sprayed liberally over the baking soda-covered tile. The acid in the vinegar will react with the alkaline baking soda mixture and cause it to bubble. Scrub slightly more and set the mixture aside for about five minutes.

Step 5: Mop the floor with a moist mop

It’s now time to rinse. Get a mop and fill a clean bucket with water. Make sure your mop head is clean, or you’ll only be re-contaminating your floor. Remove all of the baking soda and vinegar from the floor with a damp mop. Rinse and wring out the mop frequently in the bucket. Dump the rinse water and refill the bucket with fresh water as soon as it gets noticeably soiled.

Floor polish cleaning

The manufacturers recommend removing the layers of polish on a regular basis with a product designed for that purpose. With layer after layer of polish, I kept expecting my floors to go dull, but they never did, so I only had to strip the floor once every few years.

VI. Home Remodeling

Textured tile is a stunning inspiration for your home. If you’re considering a remodel of your bathroom, kitchen, or your entire home or you’re interested in creating the beautifully textured effect with tile, contact Remodeling Pros NW and they’ll take care of it.


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Create your dreaming kitchen with textured tile

In terms of Kitchen Renovations and Remodeling, Remodeling Pros NW is a famous Tacoma kitchen renovation company that serves the Washington neighborhood. Besides that, they are committed to creating a high-quality kitchen remodeling solution.

Kitchen renovation has become an obstacle to some people because it’s a tough task. Moreover, don’t worry too much or stress yourself out as you don’t know what to do, Remodeling Pros NW will give you a hand.

The employment excels at designing a transitional kitchen, a classic kitchen, or even a modern kitchen. Interestingly, they can give you some wonderful ideas to create the kitchen of your dream with textured tile with different features, shades, textures, and formats. Remodeling with textured tile gives the space more stunning and looks more like an art installation than an ordinary one. You can go to their website and discover some useful resources.

Delivery your unique bathroom with textured tile

Remodeling Pros NW is the leading association for the construction industry. They will assist you in turning your current bathroom into a pleasant one with modest furniture.

If you find it hard to create your own bathroom, Remodeling Pros NW will give you a hand by making the walls appear taller with textured bathroom tiles, while light shades will enhance the sensation of width and creating an unprecedented natural yet dynamic look in the bathroom.

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VII. Customer Review

” I really appreciated the hard work and knowledgeable staff at a good rate. Their work with porcelain floor tile is attractive, natural, and extremely durable. I would definitely recommend Remodeling Pros NW to anyone and they will be getting my business in the future.”

” We have had a relationship with Remodeling Pros NW for nearly two years. And obviously, this company creates high-quality delivery at an affordable price. Moreover, their attention to detail and customer service is exceptional. I consider myself a nature lover, so they offered me choosing wood tile flooring and I actually loved that idea. Such tile enables me to save a natural look and I suppose that it is durable as well.  Thank you, Remodeling Pros NW, and the wonderful crew for making our master space so beautiful.”

Remodeling Pros NW completed my home remodeling about a week ago. They created a charming design with porcelain tile, as well as a high-quality finish. Porcelain tile is really beautiful. Also, it has a highly durable surface as well as the beauty of the natural stone is gorgeous. I totally love it.”

” I am a minimalist so Remodeling Pros NW offered me a natural shade – a dark color. The grey color, together with a tone variance that adds to the design’s appeal. The tile in a deeper shade pairs well with other tiles in the resemble color. The matte finish makes me satisfied”

“We had a great experience with Remodeling Pros NW. The contractor was prompt, the revenue is on budget, on time, and provided a quality job. We especially appreciated the help with the selection of the tile and fixtures. It is very natural yet elegant and I still love their work as much as ever!”


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