Stone Shower Wall Panels: a Designs for a Fresh Minimalist Look

Bathrooms have evolved into an extremely functional space in the home. Aside from taking a bath or washing your hands, there are other ways to have fun in the bathroom. Despite the fact that we use our bathrooms every day (and night), they are one of the first areas of the house to deteriorate. This is especially true if your bathroom is older, as new bathroom supplies can last longer without needing to be cleaned as frequently. Therefore, it’s critical to have a good panel system. You won’t need any money to purchase this item.

I. The most popular choice today is crushed stone shower walls and here’s why

A crushed stone shower surrounds it

The rushed wall is made up of a good mix of crushed stone and natural material, which adds to its strength. When these materials are combined, they create softer surfaces that remain longer than tile, acrylic, and other common bathroom and toilet surfaces. Stonewall panels are susceptible to rusting and degradation. LuxStone showers by Kohler are made out of 70% crushed stone weaved in with other natural materials. Longevity and attractiveness are guaranteed with these specialized formulations. Luxstones are stain-resistant and nonporous.

Easy to Create Elegant Rock Shower Walls

With Norstone’s Rock Panel System, creating stacked stone shower walls has never been easier. A tile setter will use their normal installation techniques to create amazing stone showers in about the same time it would take to lay and grout a standard ceramic or porcelain tile, leveraging the panel concept that makes any Norstone panel installation much faster and easier than the traditional method of hand stacking stone.

The Centerpiece of Envy is Natural Stone Shower walls

When used as stone shower wall panels, Norstone Rock Panels quickly become the bathroom’s focal point. For generations, a natural stone shower or bath has been a mark of grandeur, and it outperforms any standard ceramic or porcelain tile option seen on showers. So, if you want to make a statement with your bathroom design, a stacked stone shower is a terrific option that will last a long time in terms of both aesthetic and durability.

Shower Rock Should Be Sealed & Maintained

Stone veneer used in a shower should be treated with a quality water-based natural stone sealer after installation and resealed at regular intervals according to the sealer manufacturer’s recommendations. When necessary, use detergent-based soaps and a firm plastic bristle brush to clean the stone. An exhaust fan can help keep the stone veneer shower wall clean by removing the moist air from the stall during and after each use.

Consider adding Tub surround

Tub Surround in Marble with Trim Edge Pieces PolySlabs materials is well-known in the hospitality industry, as they provide lightweight solutions while removing the structural constraints of full-thickness slabs.

Easy to install Stone Shower Walls

It used to be impossible to create a natural stone shower wall from a dry-stacked thin veneer product like Norstone Rock Panels, but thanks to advances in waterproofing technology, you can now achieve a fully waterproofed substrate over which any natural stone or tile can be installed using a thin-set bed method. This waterproofing layer keeps water out of the cement board substrate and wall cavities, directing it to the shower pan and drain with the help of gravity. It’s never been easier to have stacked stone in your shower, and because Norstone panels are made entirely of natural stone, they’re also superior and more lasting than any other faux stone.

A Stone Shower That Will Make You Take Your Breath

Norstone Rock Panels may be used to create a natural stone shower wall, which is a great alternative for homeowners who want to incorporate natural stone into their bathroom renovations. Natural stone has long been a popular finish in commercial spas due to its tough appearance, durability, and sound dampening capabilities, which can now be combined into a magazine-worthy stone veneer shower wall.

Consider adding Shower stone tiles

Stone tile options for the shower Stone tiles, like ceramic and porcelain tiles, are a terrific way to give your bathroom some personality. Stone tiles offer a more natural stone look, which adds texture and character to your bathroom, whereas ceramic and porcelain tiles are smooth and homogeneous. Because of the lengthy production process, stone tiles will be more expensive than ceramic tiles.

Stacked stone shower

A stacked stone shower is a terrific choice for making a statement in your bathroom design, and it will stand the test of time in terms of both aesthetics and durability. Easy to Create Elegant Rock Shower Walls With Norstone’s Rock Panel System, creating stacked stone shower walls has never been easier.

Acrylic and Fiberglass walls

Acrylic or fiberglass shower walls are the easiest option for those who want the simplest shower wall. The most commonly used shower wall materials in new home construction are acrylic and fiberglass. The reason we see them so commonly is, they’re low-maintenance, inexpensive, and highly sturdy. Moreover, Acrylic won’t stain or yellow – Acrylic doesn’t fade or yellow like the fiberglass walls you may be wanting to replace.

Wall kits

Three wall panels (72-in panel height or 72-in panel with a 24-in extension) and two color-coordinated inside corner trim pieces are included in each wall package. Optional kits, such as window trim kits, storage pods, and shower bases, are also available and can add a strong design aspect to your area.

Faux panels

Lightweight foam is used to create faux stone panels and they are natural materials. Faux stone panels are easy to cut and put, but they do not impact resistant. Natural and manufactured stones are heavier, mineral-based items that last longer. The best thing about faux stone panels is that they are simple to install and don’t require any mortar or grout.

With Texture Plus imitation wall panels, you don’t have to trade style for functionality, whether your dream bathroom has a stacked stone shower or a brick accent wall. Our faux wall panels are water resistant, durable, and astonishingly lifelike. They may be utilized anyplace in your bathroom.

Consider removing grout lines and subway tile

In most cases, users use grout-free shower pans made of acrylic or cultured stone because the lack of grout lines brings genuine value to the table. There is no subway tile design pattern (yet) – Although I understand the manufacturer plans to release this product in August of 2020, there is no subway tile design pattern available right now (which is uber-popular in the Midwest).

Kohler Choreograph shower wall panels

At my first international building show in 2004, I had hoped for an interior panel and wall accessories system. The names of the system have a large asterisk permanently imprinted in them. It’s marked with an asterisk since it’s available. Kohler’s difficulties haven’t gone away. Customers are still waiting a month for the product four years later.

Shower Wall Panel System- Acrylic Wall Panels

Some businesses that advertise these sheets will not sell them. If they are installed, it is much more expensive, and the product prices are very high. We can also look at the acrylic wall’s five benefits and drawbacks.

Gloss, Matte, Tile, and Wavy Tile finishes are offered on the panels. An Onyx panel is about 5/16″ thick and is a solid color all the way through. Per square foot, panels weigh roughly 3.5 pounds.

Shower wall panel system- cultured granite wall panels

The cultured granite wall panels were created for tanks, but they can also be utilized for interior design and construction. It’s a good thing to have ample time! Unfortunately, due to manufacturer restrictions, we can only offer these panels to Ohio residents.

Bathroom Decor with Faux Wall Panels

With Texture Plus imitation walls, you may create the bathroom of your dreams with stone showers or brick accented walls. Our faux wall panel is durable, lifelike, and waterproof, making it ideal for bathrooms.

II. What are the best shower wall panels?

PVC boards are completely waterproof and may be readily installed with a DIY solution.

PVC shower panel

III. Is it possible to put imitation stone panels in the shower?

The faux wall panels are durable, wonderfully lifelike, and water-resistant, making them perfect for practically any area in the house. Top of the tub. Outside the toilet and in the bathroom.

IV. What are the prices of shower wall panels?

Standard 60-inch shower wall panel kits cost between $500 and $1000, while 96-inch x 1200-inch versions cost between $750-1000.

V. Selecting a Professional Remodeling Company

You can contact Remodeling Pros NW directly to get the best quality shower wall panels.

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