Shaker Cabinet Doors – the Simplest Kitchen Remodel Tacoma WA

Shaker Cabinet Doors - the Simplest Kitchen Remodel Tacoma WA

Shaker Cabinet Doors – the Simplest Things to Make Your Kitchen Shine

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Shaker cabinet doors are undoubtedly the most popular choice for kitchens. Here is a brief explanation if you’re not sure what they are. Five flat sections make up the fronts: a four-piece frame surrounding a recessed center slab. It is an amazingly straightforward design that looks well in any type of kitchen, whether it be a classic or modern farmhouse.

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What Is a Shaker Cabinet Doors Style?

Homeowners and interior designers all around the world are familiar with and adore Shaker cabinet doors. A shaker door differs from a raised panel door by having four rails and a flat middle panel inside edge.

Replacement shaker cabinet doors of high quality may transform your kitchen and update your house in one of the most effective ways.

white shaker cabinet doors style

Detailed vs. Simple Shaker Doors

Because of their simple lines and timeless appearance, shaker cabinet doors have been around for hundreds of years and are still a popular design option.

They can complete your kitchen cabinets regardless of the design you’re going for because they are available in a range of colors and finishes.

In the modern, farmhouse, or Scandinavian kitchens, where the clean, basic lines are appreciated, the shaker cabinet door style is frequently encountered. By including extra elements, shaker cabinet doors may also be modified for more traditional and transitional interiors.

Shaker kitchen cabinet doors may be made to fit into kitchens with more traditional designs by adding an ornamental border or beadboard to the cabinet doors. Additionally, you may put crown molding above your shaker cabinet to quickly add decoration.

wood shaker cabinet doors

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Tips for Replacement Shaker Cabinet Doors Offer

Numerous elements, like the size of your room, the design of your kitchen design, and your own preferences, will influence how you decide to decorate it. However, there are some components that truly complement unfinished cabinet doors, so you could choose to use them in your kitchen remodel.

For instance, shaker cabinet doors frequently feature actual wood. The wood species can be left raw or painted, especially in white. This also applies to any free-standing furniture that you would wish to incorporate in your kitchen, such as cabinet doors. Included in this is your kitchen island, which you may utilize to showcase accessories.

wood shaker cabinet doors

Cabinet Hardware Options in the Shaker Style

There are many possibilities when it comes to designing your kitchen cabinets. Adding the correct hardware to your shaker cabinets is one of the easiest and most efficient methods to change their appearance.

Your shaker cabinet doors will change with the addition of new knobs or pulls, giving them a fresh and distinctive appearance. Here are some pointers for selecting the appropriate cabinet hardware.

white shaker cabinet doors

Rustic Kitchens Are the Perfect Setting for Oil-rubbed Bronze

Avoid chrome or stainless steel finishes and opt for items that have a more rustic or farmhouse vibe if you’re designing a kitchen with a farmhouse or rustic theme.

The finest finish for these kitchens is oil-rubbed bronze, which may look stunning when combined with white shaker cabinets.

To create a distinctive aesthetic, you may alternate between cup pulls and cabinet latches, or you can use only one type of hardware throughout the room.

white shaker cabinet doors

Using Glass Knobs, Create an Elegant Look

You may wish to choose glass knobs if you want to design a more classic kitchen. These are both classy and retro-looking.

You may get a similar aesthetic using acrylic knobs, which are also frequently more inexpensive and more robust than glass options. You might wish to experiment with more elaborate and opulent knobs as well.

A showy piece of hardware may really steal the show when paired with the straightforward shaker cabinet doors without giving your kitchen remodel an overly fussy or garish appearance.

wood shaker cabinet doors

Bar Pulls Are a Traditional Option

The most popular choice for shaker kitchen cabinetry is tubular bar pulls. The pulls are as adaptable as the cabinets themselves, and for aesthetic harmony, the bars will run parallel to the lines of the doors. For tubular pulls, silver is a common option. For a sleek and uniform appearance, use flat bar handles on both cabinet doors and drawers if you want your kitchen to look more modern or contemporary.

white shaker cabinet doors

How to Utilize Shaker Cabinet Doors in Your Kitchen

A DIY kitchen cabinet resurfacing project is doable for homeowners with even basic carpentry abilities. You can give your home the shaker style if your kitchen layout works, your cabinet boxes are in good condition, and you have a few simple tools. The fundamental actions in your DIY project for refacing are:

To find your shaker cabinet door style and color, do our free online design questionnaire or see a professional.

Learn how to measure your kitchen for shaker cabinet doors by watching our instructional video.

To calculate and order your shaker doors, use our online order form.

Watch the instructional videos to learn how to complete the DIY cabinet door resurfacing job.

Installed your shaker doors

When finished shaker cabinet doors, raise a glass in honor of the select group of artisans whose signature design style is still in use today.

wood shaker cabinet doors

Top Creative Shaker Cabinet Doors Ideas

White Kitchens Are Always Popular

We adore light-filled kitchens. But when it comes to timeless elegance, it’s clear that clean, white kitchens are where our hearts truly lie.

Unlike a fashionable makeover, it’s a great concept that will endure the test of time. Shaker-inspired cabinet doors are another timeless design element seen in this picture-perfect kitchen by an interior designer.

white shaker cabinet doors

For Major Appliances, Use Fronts with Shaker Inspired Details

Because of its timeless appearance and sharp, clean lines, the shaker cabinet door is incredibly popular.

Shaker cabinet-inspired base cabinets can be beautifully designed. The dishwasher is cleverly hidden on the left by a front that mimics a cabinet door.

wood shaker cabinet doors

Beadboard Panels on Shaker Style Cabinets

Fans of modern farmhouse decor will adore this lovely concept from professional interior designers.

They added beadboard inserts to this shaker cabinet door in the shaker cabinet style. They provide the contemporary kitchen with a cozy and warm feel.

grey shaker cabinet doors

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Shaker-like Cabinets that Seem Vintage Kitchen Cabinets in Robin Blue

Shaker cabinet door aesthetic may be painted to any level you like. You can paint color to give your kitchen a retro-inspired touch.

It is exactly like Tiffany Blue, one of our all-time favorite hues. In kitchens with a mid-century modern aesthetic, chrome hardware is standard. The chrome details on the old oven look great with the brushed nickel cabinet knobs.

white shaker cabinet doors

Two-Tone Kitchen with Glass Drawer Fronts Inspired by Shaker

Two adjectives that best define this two-tone kitchen are clean and contemporary.

The shaker cabinet door style may be seen in both the top and bottom cabinets. The glass front choices greatly increase visual appeal by displaying attractive dinnerware.

white shaker cabinet doors

Slab Drawer Fronts on a Pair of Shaker Cabinet Doors Offer

Slab drawer fronts are a common sight in kitchens with shaker cabinet doors. This vibrant kitchen is a great illustration.

Keep in mind how the understated black cabinet knobs perfectly contrast the blue woodwork. The bright appliances and yellow oven are a wonderful way to add your own flair to the kitchen.

wood shaker cabinet doors

Shaker Base Cabinets in Pairs, Each with Rustic Shelving

Furniture with shaker door influences is renowned for its simple, functional forms. The transitional kitchen features shelves mounted on the wall and base cabinets in a brilliant blue shaker design.

The combination is a really smart, extremely useful concept. What’s best? Compared to top cabinets, shelves are often far less expensive to buy and install.

white shaker cabinet doors

Contemporary Small Kitchen With Classic Features

The greatest small kitchens tend to seem light and uncluttered to many people. Royal blue base cabinets in the shaker cabinet door design are in the two-tone space, which also has dazzling white walls.

The kitchen is filled with traditional elements like an apron front sink and marble countertops, but because of the neutral color palette and sparse cabinets, it seems wonderfully modern.

We believe that every house ought to contain at least one stunning component. The polished copper sink fittings are seen here.

wood shaker cabinet doors

Other Great Design Ideas

wood shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

wood shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

wood shaker cabinet doors

white shaker cabinet doors

wood shaker cabinet doors

blue shaker cabinet doors

Examine our gallery for more ideas! Closing the journey to find new creative ideas, have you found the right design for your kitchen?

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