Rectangular Bathroom Floor Plans: a Design that Meets your Needs Perfectly

Some homeowners overlook bathroom floor plans, feeling that bathroom space is so straightforward that such layouts are unnecessary.

In fact, designing decent bathrooms is difficult, and a small bathroom plan necessitates careful preparation. A bathtub positioned too close to a toilet or sink cabinet without enough buffering, for example, can be disastrous for a tiny room. Creating bathroom floor plans might assist you in detecting these issues and adjusting your design prior to beginning any remodeling work.

If you want a unique master bathroom floor plan to consider, this article is definitely suited for you! Keep reading so you can find your best plan to follow.

I. Bathroom Floor Plans

48-Square-Foot Small Full Bathroom Floor Plan

48-SquareThe names of the game in this bathroom layout are small and smart since it effectively fits a toilet, tub, and sink—all in a modest 48 square feet. This bathroom, despite its small size, is perfectly adequate as a full main bathroom in a small house or as a guest bathroom in a bigger house.


  • 96 inches in length
  • 72 inches wide
  • 48 square feet in size


  • One end of the room is occupied by a 72-inch bathtub.
  • On either side of the sink, there are sconce lights.
  • The water and drain lines, as well as the electricity lines, are all contained within one wall, resulting in lower plumbing and electrical costs.
  • The use of a pedestal sink rather than a vanity maximizes the amount of space available.
  • A small towel cupboard can be placed against the open wall to the right of the door.
  • There is enough area in the room for a bathtub or a shower stall.

Bathroom Floor Plan with a 50-Square-Foot Length

50-SquareIt’s challenging to arrange around a long and small bathroom area. A bespoke shower might be installed at the bathroom’s far end. This substantially reduces the room’s length and makes the remaining features easier to integrate. With a door practically anywhere along the open long wall, this bathroom floor design could function. Unless absolutely necessary, you should avoid putting the toilet right in front of the door.


  • 120 inch in length
  • 60-inch width
  • 50 ft2


  • The 5-foot width of the space is maximized with a bespoke shower at the end.
  • The room’s form allows for a fairly lengthy vanity and countertop. There is enough room for two sink basins. A single sink basin and a very long countertop are another possibility.
  • This design can be tweaked to include a shorter vanity and a tall linen closet.

Three-Quarter Bathroom (Basic)

basicEven though this rectangular room is somewhat small, it manages to fit a toilet, sink, and shower into it. Showering rather than bathing save room because showers have a smaller footprint.


  • 94 inches in length
  • 68 inches in width
  • 44 square feet in size


  • The 36-inch vanity has plenty of counter space.
  • The 36-inch-by-36-inch shower visually balances the vanity.
  • The toilet is positioned such that it does not face the doorway.
  • The design allows for the door to swing open.
  • The use of a shower rather than a tub allows for the installation of a cabinet.

Shower with an Exterior Exit is a one-of-a-kind double-door design

showerA bathroom floor plan with a door leading outside from the shower is uncommon in many homes. This bathroom, however, would be truly unique if it had enough landscape privacy. A huge frameless glass shower with an outdoor door leading to a deck is included.


  • 144 inches in length
  • 72 inches wide
  • 72 square feet in size


  • An outdoor door leads to a terrace or pool area from the enormous glass shower.
  • You’ll have plenty of room near the vanity with this setup.

Bathroom for Kids that is Simple and Fun

Bathroom for KidsThis spacious, square bathroom has a clawfoot tub, pedestal sink, and plenty of floor space for dragging children into the tub. Use this large open area as a blank canvas for imaginative and amusing patterns.


  • 144 inches in length
  • 144 inches in width
  • Surface Area: 144 sq. ft.


  • The clawfoot tub is a charming addition that the kids will enjoy.
  • There’s enough room for a chair to make a comfortable sitting place for keeping an eye on the kids.

61-Square-Foot Full Bathroom layout

61-SquareIn a bathroom remodel, extra floor space gives you more design possibilities. A single or double sink, a full-size tub or huge shower, and a full-height linen cabinet or storage closet can all be found in this bathroom layout. Even so, it manages to establish a secluded toilet corner. Rather than cramming the plan with more elements, this bathroom design uses smarter spacing of the essentials.


  • 98 inches in length
  • 90 inches in width
  • The size of the room is 61 square feet.


  • The effective spacing of fundamental features creates a spacious and airy sense.
  • If desired, a large shower can be accommodated with careful design.
  • Double sinks or one sink plus an extra-long countertop could be installed in a huge vanity.
  • A partition wall and door could be used to enclose the toilet area for privacy.

Bathtub and Portable Shower Head in an 80-Square-Foot Bathroom

80-squareIf you have the funds, this is a fantastic bathroom floor plan that offers a great deal of flexibility. This layout includes a shower stall and a bathtub, which are both useful for those hectic mornings when two people need to shower at the same time. The corner shower cubicle with rounded front, which maximizes space and allows for improved traffic flow, is the key to making this tight concept work.


  • 98 inches in length
  • 118 inches in width
  • 80 square feet of space


  • In a little space, a proper primary bathroom is constructed.
  • There are two options for bathing in the room: a shower or a bathtub.
  • In the front space, away from dampness, a shallow cabinet for towels and other bathroom items can be pl.

Bathroom Layout Idea 1110 Cross-Bath

 1110 Cross-BathWhen we have to, we all settle for the two-and-a-half bath dream. But we’d prefer not to. Even with a full bath, we prefer to keep the toilet and tub separate. Here’s an example of a floor plan that accomplishes this. In the process, it offers your bathroom some real personality.


Square footage: 104 sq ft

Width: 11 feet

Length: 10 feet 6 inches

Angular Perfection 9×7 Bathroom Layout Idea

angular-perfectionWho says a bathroom needs to be rectangular or square? A symmetrical bathroom with surprising lines and corners is nevertheless possible. This bathroom, which is somewhat hexagonal in shape, has six walls instead of four, giving you a few more surfaces to work with. That is to say, you can do a lot more with it.

While the form is appealing, the angles and shorter walls make it difficult to fit a bathtub in. Instead, the shower is located in one of the 90o corners, while the toilet is located in the opposite corner. Install a three-sided vanity with a sink directly in the center opposite the entrance.


  • Square footage: 70 sq ft
  • Width: 9 feet 4 inches
  • Length: 7 feet 6 inches

Typical Primary Bathroom

Primary BathroomThis is an excellent choice for a major bedroom design. This layout, which is square in shape, is suitable for couples who share a bathroom. It has two sinks, which means there’s plenty of counter space in the morning. To the right is a standalone shower. The bathtub and toilet are separated from the sinks and shower on the left side of the plan, allowing for some privacy.

Excellent Primary Bathroom

Excellent BathroomThis floor plan is ideal for a bathroom that is accessible from the main bedroom. Two sinks and a toilet are located in the entryway area, which is divided from the remainder of the bathroom by a sliding door. With the facilities positioned along the walls, the open floor layout generates a wonderful flow. It has enough space for a shared bathroom as well as enough privacy. A two-person shower and a huge bathtub are located on the other side of the sliding glass door.

The design of the corner creates a lot of space

designThis wide plan, with its superb corner configuration, offers plenty of seclusion and conveniences. The toilet is separated from the rest of the room and the entryway by a sliding door. Although there are two sinks in this concept, they are separated by a standup shower. This design gives each individual sharing the bathroom a little more privacy and allows them to have their own personal space. An raised tub, positioned to the left of the entrance, completes the picture.

L-Shaped bathroom floor plans

l-shapedThis L-shaped bathroom floor plan offers a variety of counter and storage space alternatives. This open layout divides the standard bathroom amenities, giving the impression of two rooms rather than one. This floor plan’s sink, toilet, and bathtub are all segregated from the entryway part, giving it a nice sense of tranquility.

Bathroom Design with lots of Space

lots of spaceThis pattern is rectangular in shape and is visually appealing. It’s a large bathroom layout that starts with a centrally located entryway. A separate room to the left contains the toilet as well as a bidet. There is a lot of counter space in the center of this design. The bathtub and a large two-person shower are located to the right of the doorway. This is an excellent alternative if you want a bathroom that does not give the impression of being crowded.

64 Square Feet of Bathroom with Private Toilet

64-squareFor more than one person, a walled bathroom could improve bathroom efficiency. For establishing bathroom alcoves, this design includes a partition wall and an efficient pocket door. Due to the swinging of the doors, traditional doors take up less space. Pocket doors take up a lot of room.


II. Master bathroom ideas

Master Bathroom in a Modern Style

Master bathroom in a Modern StyleThe wavy, curved ceiling region just over the tub, in contrast to the straight lines of the bath below, gives the room a contemporary vibe. The use of natural tones makes it simple to adjust the bathroom to shifting seasons and trends: simply add colored towels or decorative accessories for a spark of color.

You can also create a large contemporary master gray tile and limestone tile marble floor, gray floor, and single-sink bathroom remodel with flat-panel cabinets, dark wood cabinets, a one-piece toilet, white walls, an under-mount sink, quartz countertops, a hinged shower door, white countertops, and a built-in vanity.

Master Bathroom in a French Style

Master Bathroom in a French StyleThe mirror in the window is the most audacious stylistic choice in this primary bathroom. This works because the window is relatively large and allows insufficient light, and the mirror does not block much of it. Add in the space-saving French doors and the large area in front of the vanity.

Master Rustic Bathroom

Master Rustic BathroomRustic doesn’t have to be associated with unfinished. Rustic equals are full of charm in this traditional primary bathroom.

Take note of the exposed wood ceiling, reclaimed wood drop-in tub, and what appears to be colored concrete flooring. Natural stone in a neutral color is used in the walk-in shower at the back. Given the layout of the area, the extended chandelier is an excellent choice!

Install a Skylight

SkylightBy installing a Skylight, it enables you to Shower in style with a rain shower head and clouds above you. I would recommend you start thinking about bathroom designs that are predominantly white with a skylight above is the perfect choice if you want something to bring in natural light into your bathroom. Interestingly, it feels like you are living in a little oasis of your own which is refreshing.

Heated bathroom floor: Easy to install spa-luxury to your home

Heated bathroomIf you want to renovate your bathroom, electric or radiant floor heating is a fantastic choice to explore. Apart from the warmth it provides, using this form of floor heating system is also not too stressful on your heating expenditure in the long term. If you want an environmentally friendly heating system, go with underfloor heating. This is because the air circulated is cleaner than the air circulated by heat radiators.

Installing heated bathroom flooring is worthwhile since it not only improves the comfort and aesthetics of your bathroom but also adds to more effective heating. Install electric in-floor heating mats under the tile to warm up cold bathroom floors.

Corner Storage Cabinet for your Master Bathroom

cabinetFor your Master Bathroom, a Corner Storage Cabinet Cabinet for storage in the corner While it was a new addition, the footprint was created for us because we went as wide and as long as we could be based on our septic setback and a few other variables. I had intended to incorporate a tiny storage cabinet for towels, toilet paper, and other items, but there was only a small place to the right of our shower for it, and I couldn’t locate a thin cabinet that I liked. I had to forsake my initial plan and replace it with floating wood shelves.

III. Selecting a Professional Remodeling Company

Remodeling is a great way to increase the value of your home and create a beautiful green space where you’ll enjoy spending time. If you are struggling to come up with some bathroom floor plans by yourself, you can search for some related Remodeling companies or the constructor to address your problem.

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