How Often Paint House? 6 Things about Remodeling Tacoma WA

How Often Paint House? 6 Things about Remodeling Tacoma WA

How Often Paint House? 6 Things about Remodeling Tacoma WA

How do you tell when it’s time to exterior paint the job house? While there are some apparent warning signs to look out for, such as cracked or chipped paint in your home, many factors can also lead to issues. Employing professional painters is usually a good idea you can because the outside exterior paint job is a very large task.

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How Often Should You Paint Job Be Done? – Remodeling Tacoma WA

Since every house exterior is unique, there is sadly no universal timeframe. Although there are certain general principles you may adhere to, there are a number of variables that can have a significant impact on the timing. Most experts agree that you should paint your house paint lasts every five to 10 years, depending on your location, the environment, the weather, and other variables.

Additionally, bear in mind that each exterior surface will differ in elements. For instance:

Every 3 to 7 years for wood surfaces, or every 4 years if the stained wood siding

Typically, aluminum siding lasts for five years.

Usually, stucco lasts 5 to 6 years.

New types of materials – often require fewer frequent touch-ups, for instance, cement fiberboard surface can last 10-15 years without needing to be painted.

Brick just requires periodic cleaning if it isn’t painted, if it is painted, it can survive for 15 to 20 years.

Various indications indicate that your paint job needs to be updated, even if you’ve just recently moved into your home exterior or can’t recall the last time it was painted. It’s time for a fresh coat of exterior paint if you’ve seen these things:

The paint job that is flaking paint, chipping, or peeling paint

The flowing paint job lasts

Hardened caulk

Paint current color fading or morphing

Patching stucco

Despite these broad recommendations, there may be other circumstances at play that necessitate painting your house more frequently than others.

how often paint house

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How Can You Tell When It’s Time to Repaint of Your House? – Tacoma Kitchen Remodeling

How often should you paint? There are certain unmistakable signs of wear that may suggest it’s time to get the house exterior painted. It is advisable to take action as soon as you become aware of any of these signs of wear to prevent further, more expensive harm.

When to Sell

A fresh coat of paint is an affordable approach to perhaps increase the value of your property if you’re thinking about placing it on the market. Your home’s curb appeal is crucial when selling it. A fresh coat of paint jobs in contemporary and fashionable hues may truly make your property stand out. Your newly refurbished house’s even color will truly shine with bright trim!


Exterior painting fading is one of the most visible signs that it’s time to paint. If your property is painted a dark hue, the Tacoma sun hits may significantly damage your new paint job. Where the sun strikes it the most, fading will be the most noticeable. If you see fading on the shaded sides, your house painting may have unwelcome water incursion.

faded paint

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It could still be time to repaint if you’re lucky and your paint doesn’t show any indications of deterioration. Repainting is a good choice if the right length of time has gone even if the appropriate amount of these symptoms.

It indicates that the paint did its job and provided your home with years of long-lasting paint film protection. Call a professional to paint your home if you can’t recall the last time it was painted or if it’s been more than ten years to prevent damage.

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Cracked or Hardened Caulk

Caulk is designed to swell and shrink with your new paint job. Your doors, windows, and gaps between seal areas. It loses its elastic properties and turns rigid over time when exposed to the weather. It could be time to call in the experts if you see sections with caulking seals that is missing, cracked, or hardened.

hardened caulk

Before the Appearance of Wear and Tear

Don’t wait to paint until you can clearly detect wear and tear. If you notice paint flaking or chipping, it means the paint is no longer sticking to the surface. This makes it possible for moisture to seep beneath the paint and cause problems. Early painting prevents damage and lowers the need for caulking seals, replacing wood planks, and removing bubbling paint.

wear and tear

Re Stuccoing

If you fix cracks in your stucco rather than repainting the entire house, you will end up spending less money in the long run. Repaint regular maintenance of the entire house once repairs are made. Otherwise, you risk having ugly streaky sections of stucco that are a different hue.

Best Paint for the Home’s Exterior – Tacoma Home Remodeling

Use high-quality acrylic or latex paint for your home’s exterior to ensure maximum durability. High-quality components like pigments and additional acrylic solids are used to make acrylic paints. The most durable paint is acrylic, which is renowned for withstanding weather and heat in Tacoma WA.

In comparison to acrylic, oil-based paints are often thinner and runnier. They also have a propensity to become yellow over time from exposure to the high heat of the home’s exterior paint.

best paint

Was the Prior Home Painting Job Carried out by a Quality Painter? Remodeling Tacoma

If your prep work paint was a DIY endeavor, you might want to think about the last paint job rather than later. DIYers frequently use inferior paint or just do dirty tasks. A professional house painter, like Remodeling Pros NW, should be contacted regardless of the material used to build your home in order to do the work properly.

Our staff will apply the appropriate paint in the proper places around the exterior of your house, and complete the project on schedule, within your budget, and with great cleanliness.

quality painter

What Kind of Weather Can You Expect Where You Are? – Home Remodeling Tacoma WA

The lifespan of the exteriors paints various weather conditions that can significantly impact jobs. You could find yourself repainting more frequently than the typical homeowner if your home frequently sees hot days in direct sunlight, severe harsh winters with snow and rain, or high humidity. If you want to know if it will soon be time to repaint, don’t be afraid to contact a domestic painting professional.

How Often Paint House Conclusion – Construction Companies in Tacoma

The chore of painting your home’s exterior is never fun. Give Remodeling Pros NW a call to get a free estimate if you have any inquiries regarding painting exterior of your home in the Tacoma region:

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