Floor Plan Toilet Dimensions and Drawings: Things you should Know

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, it’s a fun and deliberate project. You must consider your requirements thoroughly in order to achieve the ideal bath. Setting a budget, contacting contractors, and shopping for a beautiful finish are all easier with a strong approach and bathroom dimensions. Bathroom layouts that are functional are critical to the success of any construction or remodeling project.

Bathroom layouts vary widely based on the size of the bathroom and its location in the house. Even modest bathtubs are frequently well-designed. You might need to remodel your bathroom if you’ve grown tired of it. It’s unlikely that the bathroom has to be remodeled to make it more appealing and useful. This post will go through some of the most prevalent bathroom design concepts.

I. Best essential bathroom floor plans

Bathroom with Surround and Alcovet Tub

Many bathrooms have a design in which the bathtub/shower is recessed into a framed alcove, with surround panels covering the three alcove sides. This arrangement has the advantage of retaining open floor space, which is perfect for family bathrooms.


144 inches in length

90 inches in width

90 square feet of living space


The alcove tub creates a large open floor space.

A linen cabinet or other storage units could be placed against the long wall adjacent to the door.

Ample Room for a Custom Shower

The end of a small space is used for a custom tile shower in this bathroom floor design. The position of the toilet is flexible with a clawfoot tub and a modest vanity. The toilet could be nestled between the bathtub’s end and the shower wall, or to the side of the vanity and the sink.


144 inches in length

96 inches in width

Dimensions: 96 sq. ft.


The bathroom has a clawfoot tub as well as a custom tiled walk-in shower.

The toilet can be placed in a variety of locations in this bathroom arrangement.

With an open floor plan, there is plenty of area for a large bathroom

A huge bathroom space with approximately square dimensions is the best of all worlds. By placing the fixtures on opposite walls and employing a shower instead of a full bathtub, this bathroom layout allows for the most open floor area feasible.


114 inches in length

108 inches in width

85.5 square feet in size


This bathroom design has a lot of open floor area.

It offers everything you need, including a bathtub and a shower.

A double-sink vanity with extra-wide drawers is incorporated.

Plan for a 50 square foot bathroom that is long and narrow

A long and small bathroom is difficult to find. Another way is to wrap around bathroom walls with custom bathroom wallpaper. It effectively reduces space and helps integrate the rest of the rooms’ functions easily. Usually the bathroom floor plan has a doorway along an open wide slit. Ideal is to avoid putting a toilet near the door except if this is deemed essential.


120 inches in length

60 inches in width

50 square feet of space


The 5-foot width of the space is maximized with a bespoke shower at the end.

The room’s form allows for a fairly lengthy vanity and countertop. There is enough room for two sink basins. A single sink basin and a very long countertop are another possibility.

This design can be tweaked to include a shorter vanity and a tall linen closet.

Bathroom Plan with a 64-Square-Foot Shower and a Private Toilet

A walled-in private compartment for the toilet can substantially improve the space’s functionality in a home when the bathroom must be used by more than one person at a time. To construct a toilet alcove, this plan includes partition walls and a space-saving pocket door. Because you must account for the swing of a traditional door, it wastes space. Instead, a pocket door can be used to recapture that area.


96 inches in length

96 inches in width

64 square feet of space


A double sink is achievable thanks to a lengthy vanity and countertop.

The toilet has a lot of private space in this design.

By minimizing door swing, a pocket door maximizes available space.

A Three-Quarter Bathroom with a Storage Room

Is it possible to cram a toilet, tub, double sink, and floor-to-ceiling cabinet into a 64-square-foot bathroom? This is conceivable, albeit cramped, especially when privacy walls separate the bathtub and toilet spaces. The entry door will swing into the cabinet, which is one drawback of this bathroom arrangement.


96 inches in length

96 inches in width

64 square feet of space


A storage cabinet is possible thanks to careful planning and a conventional 60-inch bathtub.

A double sink is possible in this room.

Inner partition walls provide seclusion for the bathtub and toilet.

Bathtub and Shower in an 80-Square-Foot Bathroom

If you have the funds, this is a fantastic bathroom floor plan that offers a great deal of flexibility. This layout includes a shower stall and a bathtub, which are both useful for those hectic mornings when two people need to shower at the same time. The corner shower cubicle with a rounded front, which maximizes space and allows for easier traffic flow, is the key to making this tight concept work.


98 inches in length

118 inches in width

80 square feet of space


In a little space, a proper primary bathroom is constructed.

There are two options for bathing in the room: a shower or a bathtub.

61 square feet. Full bathroom

In converting bathrooms, having more floor space provides you with more design possibilities. One or two sinks, one full-size bath or large bathroom, and one full-length linen cabinet or storage cupboard are all included in this room. It also creates a private bathroom area. This bathroom plan is clever since it allows for greater space for core necessities while avoiding the installation of additional elements.

The ideal square

When your bath is medium in size but in the shape of a cube, it can be difficult to choose the proper style. The above floor plan makes use of the space by separating the restroom and laundry room areas with smaller parts on the walls. A simple master bathroom plan with a double vanity opposite a walk-in bathroom stall can accommodate two guests.

Master and guest bath in one

Interior design must come up with innovative ways to make the most of the given space. In most cases, the bathroom shares walls with guest bathrooms. They will all feel confined unless two of them form rectangle shapes. Because the bath has a walk-in shower, the room is larger and more functional. Let me take a look at the design.

Half-bathroom measures 17 square feet

Theresa Chiequi/Spruce The bathroom layout consists solely of a bathroom and a shower that is suited for hand washing. It’s a good half bath for a brief stay, but not for an overnight stay. A powder room, a bathroom with guest bathrooms, or half baths are all terms used to describe a small bathroom.

II. What is the best way to plan your bathroom design style?

You can begin thinking about design using this strategy. Collect photos of your favorite bathroom and then hunt for style inspiration in your favorite topics. I’m excited to see the new bathroom ideas! Is it true that white bathrooms have more appealing colors and are more stylish? If you go shopping with a clear vision, you’ll be able to narrow down your bathroom paint color options significantly. The beaded floor in a white bedroom.

III. The expense of bathroom design

Finally, the design of your bathroom is determined by the available space as well as your budget. As soon as a pipe is transferred to the other end, remodeling costs can skyrocket. According to Krengel, a simple change in a nearby toilet can cost around $2500. According to the expert, relocating the entire ventilation system will be quite difficult. “It might cost anything from $500 to $10,000,” he said. Whatever the size of your bathroom, keep in mind that the greater the wall, the higher the price. Limit the plumbing fixtures to one wall if the building costs are high. Keep your wiring tight and avoid replacing plumbing and electrical lines to keep your wall-mounted walls in place.

IV. Selecting a Professional Remodeling Company

Remodeling is a great way to increase the value of your home and create a beautiful green space where you’ll enjoy spending time. If you are struggling to come up with some master bathroom ideas by yourself, you can search for some related Remodeling companies or the constructor to address your problem.

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