Cabinet refacing: save homeowners up to 50% the cost of getting all new cabinets

Changing the appearance of the cabinets is a primary (and occasionally exclusive) purpose of kitchen remodeling. Surprisingly often, cabinets in good structural condition are dismantled and replaced merely because the homeowner dislikes their appearance. In many cases, however, a procedure known as refacing may radically alter the appearance of your kitchen while providing most of the benefits of cabinet replacement at a fraction of the expense.

Cabinet refinishing, often known as cabinet door replacement, is a method of replacing cabinet doors at a fraction of the cost of a conventional home remodeling. After that, you’ll have a brand new cabinet and matching boxes, which will cause a bit of additional trouble and interruption.

I. Overview of Cabinet Refacing

Refinishing kitchen cabinets is a quick and inexpensive way to update the look of a kitchen. Covering cabinet face frames and 3/4-inch cabinet ends in wood veneer is straightforward. Boards made of wood. Replace all of the doors with one or two new ones. Refacing costs around a third of the price of a new cabinet and allows you to keep the countertop for even more savings. You can save up to $1,000 on small kitchens if you work for yourself.

II. How does our cabinet door replacement work?

During the renovation, the contractor will be able to remove your old kitchen cabinets and replace them with fresh new cabinets. Existing cabinets can sometimes be replaced with inferior items, resulting in a lower cost. In actuality, your cabinets have most likely served you well for decades. We replace cupboard doors, doors, and drawer doors to maintain and replace cabinet boxes, doors, and drawer doors. Your cabinets will have a wide range of door alternatives, making it simple to turn your home into a modern look in no time.

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Cabinet refinishing is a specialty of several businesses. Cabinet refurbishing can also be done by purchasing veneer kits, which include wood veneer and application supplies, and then custom-ordering cabinet doors and drawers from Remodeling Pros NW. Both methods are comparable. Depending on the length of your kitchen, a cabinet repair pro normally takes 2 to 3 working days. The three-day schedule may be similar: if you do it yourself, use kits and give yourself one or two days to complete the task.

III. The Cabinet Refacing Process

Replace the existing doors and drawers with wood, term filing, or painted doors. There are numerous door designs to choose from, as well as stained and personalized finishes. The inside surfaces of the cabinet boxes have an internal veneer that matches the outside surface of your new door exactly. It is possible to add more storage units. Additional drawers, molded, glass doors

Remove your Doors

To prepare your kitchen for refacing, your current doors and drawers are removed.

Double-lamination is an exclusive feature

A high-grade 1/4″ plywood is glued to your cabinet frames as the first layer of our patented double-lamination refacing process.

The veneer of Superior Quality

The outside finish is the second layer of lamination in your choice of quality wood or laminate veneer.

Cabinet veneer sheets should be cut into strips

There are two steps to the application process. An excess strip can be taken out and trimmed using scissors or a sander. However, cutting the strips to the exact length and width required for application is ideal. Using laminate cutting tools, also known as laminate cutting, makes it simple. Plastic laminates can also be easily sliced with this instrument. The cut depth must be defined before it may be used. Then, using the tool, slide it over it to create a precisely broad strip. A veneer can be cut with the help of tables and saws.

All of the doors and drawers have been replaced

To properly match your freshly refaced cabinet structure, we install new doors and drawer fronts, as well as optional drawer boxes. The kitchen refacing project is finished with new hinges and hardware.

End panels should be installed

The moment has come for the makeovers now that the kitchen cabinets have been readied and cleaned. Putting together the end panel is the first step in the installation process. Apply a filler to produce flat surfaces if the face frames extend beyond the existing side panel. 3/4-inch plywood adheres to the building surface with glue. They’re being held up by Brads. Take a measuring tape and trim the ends flush with the face. Set the ends in place, making a notch at the back to tuck them in. Remove the hole. Using drywall adhesive and brads, the installation is completed. Before starting the veneering, cover each end panel.

Take a measurement for the hinge’s location

Cup hinges are used to install a glass door. Place the hinges in the oval recesses and push them on the hinges. The hinge should now be securely attached by tightening the screw. To hang the doors, make a mark on the hinges of the face frame. These distances are calculated by subtracting the overlay from the hinged door. On the lower hinge, there are no markings.

Refacing Cabinets Evaluation

It is not necessary to replace all cabinetry. This isn’t a horrible option, but older cabinets are more durable than modern cabinets and can easily take new veneer and door panels.

IV. Where can I get my materials?

In addition to adding drawer front doors, new cabinets are typically refurbished by veneering the cabinet frame and matching the side panel with 1/2 inch PVC. Cabinet door repairs typically comprise adding and removing plywood to the cabinet door toe kicks, as well as an asymmetrically shaped cove molding at the top. Manufacturers sell to professional customers, thus we buy doors, front doors, drawers, veneer plywood, and moldings from them. You can look for cabinet refacing materials on the internet and find companies that provide all of the components pre-finished.

V. How can I place an order for replacement doors and drawers?

Three standard cabinet door styles exist overlays, insets, and 3/8ins. The doors could be replaced with a modern curved glass door with fully adjustable casters. That is precisely what occurs. To measure doors, you must first decide how much of your doors will extend past the face frame. The overlay distance is calculated by measuring the distance between the hinges. The cabinet designer offers his customers two sizes for simple work.

VI. Colors

We have a large selection of paint colors and stains to choose from. Pure white, blue Bear Lake, and black Top Hats are the hues available. There are a variety of stains available, ranging from raw Siena to burnt umber to black. Color samples are welcome to be provided to match the colors.

If you’re unsure about which colors to choose, our specialists can assist you in making the best decision possible. We can also add finishing touches to the color you chose in your final color option, such as glazing, antiquing, torching, or other decorations.

VII. Types of wood

The material you choose will influence how you appear when you install the cabinet, as well as the cabinet itself. Wood comes in a variety of colors, grains, and densities, therefore colors and color variations vary depending on the type. Some can be used to create softer, more dramatic effects, while others should be painted rather than stained. Our team of specialists will assist you in weighing your options so that you may get the ideal solution for your projects and goals.

VIII. Costs

Although refacing cabinets can be less expensive than replacing a kitchen with redesigned cabinets, don’t rush into cabinet refurbishment believing it would be a low-cost alternative to buying new ones. The cost of refacing an installation contractor is typically lower than the cost of cabinet installation. 2. Cabinet replacement costs range from $91 to $82 per square foot in laminate finishes to $555 to $855 per square foot in solid finishes.

Cabinet door replacement at a reasonable price

Cabinet renovations can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. N-Hance can assist you in obtaining a cost-effective and practical cabinet. Replacing the entire cupboard is substantially less expensive. The cost of your project will depend on the size of your project, the number of shelves you want to reface, and your final design selections. We’ll take you on a tour of the trail and offer you an estimate.

If this information doesn’t make you clear about cabinet refacing, you can search for Remodeling Pros NW and they will expand your horizons.


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IX. Pros of Cabinet Refacing

When comparing cabinet remodeling and eliminating old furniture, it’s important to weigh all of your options. Maintain a clean and orderly kitchen. It’s a good idea to upgrade your kitchen to meet your requirements.

  • There are a variety of styles to pick from. In both laminate and wood, there are hundreds of different veneers to choose from.
  • Saving.
  • Refacing restores the appearance of new cabinets for a fraction of the cost of new custom cabinets.
  • It is vital to think about the cost. Refacing is a type of renovation that is regarded to be environmentally friendly.

X. Selecting a Professional Remodeling Company

Remodeling Pros NW is a company that specializes in interior design. After a long day at work, there’s nothing like coming home and unwinding. Do I require any bathroom design ideas that are both pleasant and relaxing? This means you’ll need to know exactly what you’ve added or taken away from this opulent spa experience.

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