Basement Remodeling Tacoma WA: Basement Remodeling Services for your Home Project

A basement is often just a storage room for unwanted furniture or crates full of who knows what for most households. By squandering this space, you’re missing out on the excellent interior real estate, which might lower your home’s value. What better location to experiment with design than a room away from the rest of the house?

In this detailed article, we will give you a deeper understanding of basement remodel ideas and the top remodeling constructors with an unbiased mind to give you brief information. If you want to remodel your basement, don’t skip this article. Guys, keep reading, and you will find out your best companion!

I. Basement Remodeling Ideas in Tacoma Wa

Basement family room

Basement family roomRelax on the huge sectional sofa in this contemporary basement, which provides enough of seating in this neutral environment. Add a wet bar, plenty of seats, plus a fireplace and flatscreen on the wall. The swivel armchairs’ graphic design adds visual interest to the room and pairs well with the rough stone walls.

Basement bedroom

Basement bedroomIf you’re designing a bedroom, the egress window or door must be located inside the room. Egress windows must have a minimum openable width of 20″ and a minimum openable height of 24″ and provide 5.7 square feet of openable area. At least one emergency escape window or a direct entrance to the external is required in the basement.

The stud wall is 2″ apart from the concrete foundation wall, with the gap between the studs filled with R-21 fiberglass insulation on the inside and a vapor barrier on the outside. 12″ gypsum wallboard is commonly used to cover the assembly.

Basement laundry room

Basement laundry roomWhen you think of a basement laundry room, you might imagine cobwebs and concrete flooring. However, this room can be transformed into the stylish area of your dreams.

For a similar look, start with bright white walls and light, patterned floor flooring.Then, for a surprise, add rich dark cabinetry and gold hardware.

Basement bathroom

Basement bathroomThe floor-to-ceiling glass shower wall is an excellent choice because it expands the little space and gives it a more spacious impression.

If the hot water in your rental property’s showers and sinks stopped working. The issue can be resolved by replacing a heating element with quality materials on the hot water heater. Or you can also consider installing a hot tub for a better experience.

Basement kitchen remodel

Basement kitchen remodelThe best basement kitchen ideas will guarantee that its lower-floor position isn’t an impediment to designing the area you want, whether it’s the only kitchen in the house or a second kitchen added as part of a basement remodel.

A basement kitchen can be both beautiful and useful, as well as light and bright, allowing you to realize all of your kitchen dreams. However, it is true that the basement site can provide unique issues that must be addressed with careful planning.

If you do it right, a basement kitchen can be just as comfortable to cook in and just as enjoyable to spend time in as a main floor one.

Basement home theater room

Basement home theater roomA huge, unfinished basement room is like a blank canvas with limitless possibilities, just ready to be transformed into a house addition. Do you want to build a home theater similar to the one in the basement with the enormous projector screen shown above? Maybe you’ll use your finished basement as a guest room? Perhaps a children’s playhouse is in the works?

Basement gym room

Basement gym roomThis gym facility is brilliantly illuminated thanks to recessed lighting. A huge mirror with a thick gold frame reflects light and creates the sense of more room. Beige walls and a red-brown stone floor are a straightforward finish for a no-nonsense training environment.

Basement Guest Space

Basement Guest SpaceThe basement gym in this house will help you meet your health goals. There’s an elliptical, stationary bike, and weight-lifting machine in front of a wall of mirrors.

Sliding barn doors lead from a kitchenette and eating area into a pleasant guest bedroom.

Barn doors are an excellent option for fitting numerous rooms into a small space. They take up less space than swinging doors and provide architectural flair and color.

Basement Bar

Basement BarThis basement bar has it all: glassware and beverage storage, a tiny refrigerator and wine cooler, neon signage, a marble countertop, and a strategically placed television. Your friends will refuse to leave even after the game is ended. The dark walls, light floors and furniture, and brass accents create a stunning subterranean lounge room. The space is kept from seeming too dark thanks to recessed lighting and a stylish chandelier.

Basement for Storage options

Basement for Storage optionsThe built-in shelves serve a dual purpose. They not only give the homeowner a place to display books and other valuables, but they also open up to offer more storage, which helps keep the area tidy.

Basement Playroom with Chalkboard

Basement Playroom with ChalkboardThis children’s room has a lot of style. The sofa is made of flowery fabric and has a soft structure that allows children to climb and jump on it. Built-in cupboards for art supplies and a sink for washing brushes and filthy hands may be found towards the back of the room. Colorful cushions keep the atmosphere light and airy.

Basement Playroom with Bright Colors

Basement Playroom with Bright ColorsColor, texture, and pattern abound in this subterranean playroom. A broad blue stripe on the side wall lengthens the space even more while providing a basic contrast to the crowded gallery wall opposite it.

Accessories can be removed from large white tables with ample of surface space for games, puzzles, painting, and other activities.

Basement Art Studio

Basement Art StudioBuilt-in storage, such as typical white cabinets, glass-door cabinets, and open display shelving, maintains the workspace tidy and clear of clutter.. The white countertop is covered by movable table panels, giving a comfortable and functional working. Pendant lights that may be adjusted provide light control over the tabletops.

Basement for Wine Storage

Basement for Wine StorageIn this neutral contemporary basement, white sofas and chairs provide a nice sitting area. A 300-bottle wine storage wall with a table for wine tastings with visitors is just a few feet away.

II. Basement Remodeling Contractors in Tacoma Wa – Remodeling Pros NW

Let’s take a look at their gallery!

Remodeling Pros NW

Why should we choose Remodeling Pros NW as a general contractor?

There are a plethora of remodeling companies to choose from on the Internet, or you can browse for some businesses in your area. It’s a problem if you try to find a remodeling company on the Internet and nothing comes up. When you read the feedback of the company you want to hire and notice a lot of positive feedback, that’s a good clue that they’ll do a fantastic job with attractive design related to your hobbies.

Remodeling Pros NW is the top-ranking remodeling company I’ve experienced and their service is totally satisfied me. We guarantee your satisfaction and we won’t leave until the job is done right.

If you are looking for one of the best basement remodeling services, the biggest construction experience together with a useful website to expand your horizons about this area, you can’t go wrong with this company. New foundation, new bedrooms, new bathroom, utility room. We can handle this all!

A well-known Seattle renovation company.

Have experienced designers and kitchen contractors on staff.

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The highest emphasis is customer happiness.

You need select qualified and competent plumbing contractors like us to work on your basement makeover in Tacoma to ensure a successful basement bathroom addition. We understand what goes into putting in a basement bathroom in a Tacoma house or commercial properties. For any basement remodel project, you can rely on us to provide thorough and accurate plumbing services. Our plumbing services include the following: Suggestions for a great location for your bathroom expansion Bathroom design and layout assistance Installation of a sewer system.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction and will not leave until the project is completed to your satisfaction. We take pleasure in delivering high-quality work while providing great customer service! Check out our services and give us a call or send us an email to get a free quote now!

A large number of people smash the thumbs up button for their services due to the portable design and budget price but good value for money. This is an ideal option for you!

When you want the best basement finishing job done at your home, put your trust in us. Our specialists can also provide you with some low-cost basement finishing ideas that will complement your concept of the perfect basement.


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To contact Remodeling Pros NW, here is some information you might need:

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Working Hours: Monday- Friday 9:00-18:00

III. What is the scope of the background check?

A criminal records search in the state where the business owner or principal works is conducted by a third-party provider. Our third-party vendor screens service providers using a national criminal database (NCD). Businesses will not be accepted into the network if their owners or principals have committed any of the felonies listed below.

IV. Customer Review

“Remodeling Pros NW contractor went over everything with me and wanted to make sure I was happy with the plan, price, and procedure. He kept in touch with me throughout the process and collaborated with me to stay on budget. His entire team was knowledgeable and capable. The end product is fantastic. From an unfinished basement to a five-star getaway, I’ve come a long way. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

“They did a wonderful job. In figuring out how to access all of the smoke detectors, he was professional, competent, and resourceful. I would highly suggest him and will utilize him again in the future for my handyman needs.”

“Remodeling Pros NW’s craftsmanship is top-notch, and the basement has quickly become our favorite spot in the house for entertaining visitors.”

“The crew was a delight to have in our home for more than two weeks, and we adored him. They worked hard, performed an excellent job, and was tidy and upbeat. I would recommend them to anyone who is considering building a new house or remodeling an old one. 5 out of 5!”

“I can honestly state that the process was straightforward; the crew worked really well with my home project and completed the project in a timely manner. The ultimate product was incredible: the room was fully transformed into a high-end, efficient kitchen that will provide our family with countless memories.”


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